Hangin’ Preps

OK, so usually I write more serious stuff, but today I’d like to share a little public service announcement about everyone’s favorite subject: English grammar.

Right? Very exciting stuff.

Namely, I’d like to tell you about one of the most common mistakes in English writing that most people overlook. And that is the “hanging preposition”. You might see them called dangling prepositions, but that is a little bit too suggestive for my taste. I like my grammar to have proper Christian morals.

A typical hangin’ prep looks like this:

What the hell are you writing this post for?

For, being a preposition, is hanging at end of the sentence. It might sound goodly, but it makes my eyes bleed.

The proper version of this would be,

“For what the hell are you writing this post?

Which sounds pretty fucking stupid, and that’s why hangin’ preps are such a common mistake. If you’re writing in the way that you might speak, hangin’ preps look and sound perfectly natural.

Here’s an example that sounds less obtuse:

“The crime he went to jail for was selling dope to puppies.”
“The crime for which he went to jail was selling dope to puppies.”

See how smartly that sounds?

Anyway, that’s the end of my TED Talk. Tune in for more hot garbage next week.

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