On Morning Goals & Accountability

Here are two things you probably already know:

Mornings are the best time to get important things done.

You’ll get things done more reliably with someone to hold you accountable.


Now, I don’t want to sound like one of those shitty self-help blogs. Honestly, I have barely begun to even pretend to get my shit together. I’m hardly an authority on optimal productivity habits.

Actually the reason I’m writing this is entirely selfish. I am holding myself at your mercy, dear reader. I am placing myself under your power. I submit myself to you, that you may strike me down, if my deeds should warrant it.

In other words, I’m writing this to hold myself accountable to you, my dear readers, so that down the road if I fuck up you can be like, “hey asshole, you said you were going to run in the mornings, yet here you are doing the same old shit again,”

Mornings are a magical time.

In the mornings, you have a freshly replenished supply of willpower. If you don’t know, willpower is finite. You can only resist a certain amount of temptation throughout the day.

Like, imagine there’s a plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies glued to your work desk. You sit down to work, and the smell of them is wafting into your nose all day long. You probably won’t eat them right away, but you might have one with your lunch, and the rest will be gone by dinner. Our ability to resist temptation is limited.

Obviously the metaphor doesn’t have to be cookies. There’s a reason they tell alcoholics not to hang out in bars, is the gist of what I’m getting at here.

If we work from the assumption that mornings are the time when we have the most willpower, then that would mean it’s the optimal time to do whatever hard or unpleasant task requires doing. For me, that’s running and writing.

Actually, I quite enjoy both running and writing once I get into the flow of them, but there’s always that mental barrier that you have to get across just to begin.

Use that morning magic to set the tone for a good day. That’s the message I’m trying to convey to you in as obtuse and meandering a way as possible.

Try and get someone to hold you accountable, too. Maybe your spouse, or your roommate. It would be good if its someone you see every day, or almost every day, like a coworker or family member. Or, it could be online strangers who will be able to see what you said you were going to do for all eternity, then look back at it years later and laugh at you like the miserable failure you are.

Anyway that’s what I’m working on right now. I finished running already this morning, and this right here is my writing for the day, so… Day #1 is a roaring success. If I fuck it up, I give you full permission to call me bad names in the comments section below.

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